Sunday, September 27, 2015

More space, mentoring, and PJ day

We are still working on Space, but this is the last week. 

Our OT does a group a week, and she does this book where they have to color, cut and glue. 
I love them so much I decided to make my own according to my theme.
I am not having them clue, as we glue at least 4 of the 5 school days.
but we are following the direction as we read the book, example Saturn is yellow and orange. 
So we are working on:
reading and following directions
fine motor skills - coloring
color identification
fine motor - cutting
number identification - putting together the page numbers (they are numbered)
They came out pretty cute!!

We made our names with rockets and worked on;
fine motor - writing letters 
and identifying our names
I love how they came out

Here is what the Space Book looks like.

We were short staffed this week and we had picture day, so our center time was cut short or we did not even do centers. Things happens. You have to just rolllllllll with it. 

This week we will also be short staffed four days and we will be having students from Mission College doing observations three days a week. I would lie if I said I wasn't stressed out. I. AM. but this week will not be as busy as last week so I ma looking forward to coming home after school at least 4 out of the 5 days!! 

I am excited that I am mentoring two wonderful ladies this year. I am mentoring one of my aids as she is getting a classroom aid certificate, she is so good and I am very excited to see her grow professionally. I am also mentoring one of the ECSE teacher that is an intern, I am really excited to be able to help her and be here fr whatever she needs. I had such an awesome master teacher and I am happy to have the chance to give back, I am hoping I can be at least half as good as Julie was. 

Last week we also had our first Spirit day, which was a PJ day. I have the BEST parent, all my kiddos came in PJs and my staff as well. And we WAN!!!!!! Well we actually tied with a kinder class, lol so much fun. We get to host Joe the Mustang for two week!!

Here he is! 

Have a great week everyone!!!

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