Saturday, September 19, 2015

Space theme.....and some other things.

Space Theme 
We started the Space theme at the start of September.
We have being working on shapes, numbers, cutting, tracing, identifying out names, working on colors, attending, transitioning, etc. 
I don't do the Space theme every year, but it is always fun when we do. 

In the next few weeks we will be doing rocket names, R is for rocket, star puzzles, stars, a space theme book, and name more activities. 

October will be Farm and November will be Fall.

This year I am attending a year long Language Development training called SEAL. It pretty much teaches a model on how to promote language throughout the day and throughout a whole theme. I feel that as SDC preschool teachers we do this but I also realized that there are other areas that I need to work on like dramatic play, and writing skills (or coloring and drawing in my case) I am looking forward to what I will learn and how I can implement new techniques with my little kids.

I also attend a DRDP training. If you teach preschool you know that us special ed teachers and the state general education preschools fill out different DRDPs. So now they are all the same. It appears to look harder but it is not. some things that have changed. We are now to go from right to left and a student can master a higher level skill without having to master a lower level skill. There are some other wording like and, or and ; and. which mean - and the child need to do both time during the same activity, or the students can do one or the other, and ; and the child needs to show mastery in both but not during the same activity. The awesome part was the it was not a how to fill the DRDP training, it was haw to train others to do fill the DRDPs so it is awesome. i do not know who volunteered me, and at first I was like "WHAT!!!" but it was not bad, I learned a lot and is something to add to my resume (not like I am planning to change jobs, I LOVE where I work, but I would like to start teaching college maybe in summer good to have, right). Anyway, if you guys need help hit me up, I would love to help you!!!

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