Monday, September 7, 2015

Teacher essentials

I have gotten a few questions about teacher essentials, from shoes, to clothing, to bags, tech, etc. So I thought I would write a quick blog about it.

Shoes - I love TOMS, they are super comfy and flats. I like the flats from the GAP they are actually pretty soft and comfy and they look great with everything. Boots for the cold weather are great. I do not wear sandals often. 

Clothing - During the warm weather I try to wear dresses and skirts and capri jeans (but not too often)  Once it gets colder then I like to wear dress pants and thighs with my dress, cardigans, and coats. Scarfs are GREAT.  A professor once said "Dress the way you want to be treated. Imagine a lawyer wearing leggings and how serious you would take them". I do wear jeans but try not to do it too often. And i do not wear leggings or sweats, not professional for a teacher. 

Teach - 
iPads, they can hold the classroom music, interactive stories, and apps to support your teaching. Use it as an educational tool not as a toy.

 Personal laminating machine, yes the big ones are great for big projects, but icons, pictures, and any little things can be laminated with one of these and way quicker to warm up than the big office ones.

Laptop - any brand really. This was if you want to work at home, lets face it we do A LOT of work from home. You don't have to access IEP web pages thru your personal laptop. Always be in the safe side. 

Bags - 
Small pencil bag with pens, whiteout, post its, USB drives, etc... this is great for when you go to meetings, or are some where other than your class.

Laptop case. This one is from Target from like 10 years ago and it still works great. It fits in my work bag and I don't have to hold it in my hand. 

Work bag - Also from Target, is actually a yoga bag  from Orla Kiely, but it fits everything I need. Laptop, teacher planner, personal planner, wallet, pencil bag, list journal, candy snack, tech devises. 
I have also seen many many teachers used the Orla Kiely diaper bag, also from Target. Now I have looked at it many times and as much as I love it, I just couldn't get my self to buy a maternity bag. So instead I got a small weekender bag (from target gray/silver with light brown leather). I am going to try it tomorrow if it works for what I need I will keep it other wise I will keep looking. I am actually looking for a bag to carry all my stuff including a Longchamp small bag folded, then I don't have to carry two bags, as it seems I have more stuff to carry than when I started writing this blog. I will keep you all posted. 

I love little pouches and this one hold the iPad charges, which is also my iphone charger. I have another two at work but I always carry one with me you never know when you will need to charge your phone or the iPad.

Other things -

Head phones, mints, and business cards.
Headphones - there are times you will want some piece and quite once the kiddos are gone and you are doing computer work.
Mints - when we meet with parents, we don't want everyone to smell what we had for lunch.
Business cards-  they are just so cool to have lol but it a great way to pass your information and it looks professional.

Accordion folder form the dollar spot at Target - now this is perfect for when you take things home, you can separate them in order of importance or parts, and it prevents you from loosing things in your bag.

Thank you cards - you are going to get donations, gifts throughout the year, cards, complements, etc. Get some cute thank you cards and keep them handy. We started work 8/13 this year and I am so lucky to have so many wonderful patents, I already used two packs of thank you cards. As a parent, I like getting them from the boys teacher because I see how excited the boys get that our donations helped the class. 

Notepads- lets be honest we all have to write stuff, from to do list, to things parents ask for, to memos for things to do or things to buy or things not to forget. So get some cute post its/notepads. I recommend the Target dollar spot ones, always cute, always a dollar.

Planner - The Erin Condren teacher planner is the BEST planner for any teacher. There are plenty of pages I do not use the way they are lay out but I make them personalized for me and my teaching (I teach special ed preschool). I have used many different teacher planner and by far this one is worth every penny. You can check a couple of posts back to see how I organized those pages.

Hope this helps some of you.
Have a fantastic school year!!!

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