Wednesday, September 20, 2017

oh man!!!!

Last time I wrote here it was January 2017, and now it is September. Geez I better get better keeping this blog. I will try. I am slowly attempting to keep up with my personal one, is all about our adventures, concerts, traveling with kids, and anything and everything I can think about. But I promise to keep this one up too, hopefully I can bring some ideas to fellow SPED pre-k teachers.

So lets start with something fun. School started 8/17 but my kiddos started on 9/5. Those first two weeks we were able to support transitions from pre-k to k, not everyone was need it the whole time but it was great to be available when need it and to see my kiddos move on to new adventures. I know they will all do amazing.

Here are some pictures of the classroom. I decided that I do not want to be stapling art and work all over my walls this year so I am trying something new with the string and the clothe pins. So far I LOVE it, I think it gives it a new view and I am saving on staples and it is so much easier to take off.

I also got this hanging file folder thing, to put the kiddos art, then the parents can just take it at drop off (or we can put it in their backpack if they take the bus), and we don't have to use bags or big envelops.

My school is doing "The Leader in Me" by Stephen Covey. I am nor actually going over it with my students, lets be honest my 3 -5 year old kiddos are not here yet, but we will see if we can introduce some of the concepts after the first half of the year.

Still doing SEAL, I did tell you guys about SEAL right? I am going to see the old blogs, if I haven't I will share if I have I will randomly write about it. I do LOVE the chants/poems, the kids really enjoy them and paring them with gross motor is great. I also like the question on the month, where they can put their picture on what they chose, I usually doing it during he second week once we have already read the books and one chant.

Unique. All moderate/sever classroom are now using Unique. I love that it gives me everything, lesson plans, activities, books, fine motor, gross motor, videos, cooking activities, etc. it is great. It takes forever to prep but it is wonderful to have all those resources.

I will try to keep up with updating the blog, specially now that I am implementing new units, some that I have never done before.

Happy teaching!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Years!!

2017 will be AMAZING. 
I just know it.

Here are some things I am looking forward to:

* keep working on the educational administration credential and Masters
* introducing new SEAL themes to the class
* working ESY this year
* hopefully having less transition meetings in the spring
* working with amazing staff and co-workers that make work so much fun

I have a class full of adorable preschoolers. I love coming back from breaks, they come back with energy and usually taller and with new skills. So much fun.

The first half of the year was weird because I hurt my shoulder and was out for a month. I am really excited to be in the class the rest of the year and watch my kiddos grown socially, academically, and with language.

Happy New Years fellow teachers.